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Lake County Dogs offers owners the extra obedience training needed for those looking to achieve off-leash work, agility, therapy or boundary training. Lake County Dogs can show you how to handle all sorts of nuisance behaviors like barking, leash pulling, jumping, biting, digging, counter surfing, and excitement of visitors (doorbells). We dedicate ourselves in helping dogs with more serious issues as well; from leash, dog, or people aggression to fear and separation anxieties we can work you towards a solution. But above all, Lake County Dogs will show you how to effectively communicate with your pet, establish you and your family as pack leaders, and enrich the bond between pet and owner.


We also offer day care and in-home vacation boarding.

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My first adoption experience gave me a very sweet but "untamed" pooch. Because of Gary's knowledge, kindness, and patience with both pooch and owner, Rocky has become the more "behaved" dog I never would have believed possible, ~Sue & Rocky

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